Due to record amounts of rain over the last weekend, it has been reported that a large number sewer gates have been opened up to release sewage into the Lake to help relieve flooding. What this means is there is a high level of raw sewage and bacteria in the Lake right now, including e-coli. Additionally the locks to the river were also opened to allow river water to flow into the lake, releasing who knows what. The Park Department doesn't issue swimming bans during the off season, so there is no official Park advisory. Mondog would like to alert everyone there is the potential for excessively high levels of bacteria in the water for the next week. People swimming is not advised, and you may want to keep your dogs out of the water too. E-coli typically is not as dangerous to dogs as it can be to humans, but it can effect dogs similarly, particularly more sensitive dogs, like puppies and older dogs, and those whose immune systems are already compromised. Many dogs can get over e-coli on their own, but if your dog has been in the water since the storms and is experiencing symptoms that are not getting better, you may want to consult your vet. Once the water has had a chance to dissipate the bacteria it should be safe again. A good rule of thumb is when the water is clear, and not murky, it should be OK.