We've had some recent visitors to the Dog Beach in the form of 3 catamarans. In past years catamarans were stored on the southeast end of Montrose Beach next to the Protected Dunes area. In April of 2007 The Chicago Park District was awarded a $56,000 grant for restoration work at Montrose Beach Dunes from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. As part of the restoration, the dunes were alloted an additional acre of beach, edging out the catamarans. Mondog is concerned that beaching the Catamarans inside the Dog Beach really isn't a good idea. There's limited access for moving catamarans in and out of the DFA, and catamarans moving in and out of the water present a hazard to swimming dogs, especially on crowded weekends. Dogs also tend to create a nuisance for boat owners. Dogs are scavengers, always looking for something new to play with. Any unattended items left by the boaters become fair game. Dogs will mark EVERYTHING close to the ground. Once one dog marks, all the dogs want to mark, and soon the catamaran owner is upset because his boat and rigging smells like pee. After all, it is a DFA, and it's what dogs do. We're hoping moving the catamarans into the DFA was an over-site on a Park Officials part, and that it will be corrected. In the meantime, keep an eye on Fluffy and Rex around the catamarans. Remember, dogs don't understand "HEY! Get out of the way!!" Stay tuned for updates. Reminder: Our next regular Mondog meeting is on Thursday, July 19th, 7:30, at the Margate Field House.