Greetings! Recently the Chicago Park District and Cook County Animal and Rabies Control have made an agreement to update all the city Dog Friendly Areas to meet Cook County's dog park rules. The first change we have to look forward to is the Park District will be completely fencing in the Susan Kimmelman Off Leash Dog Beach on Montrose Beach. They are still working out the details but a temporary fence is already in place. To find out more visit the NEW DFA RULES page. We will also be discussing the fence at July's Mondog meeting. (see below for meeting details) We are interested in hearing feedback from the community on this and other dog beach issues, and have set up our forums page to do just that. So sign up and let us know what you think! You may have recently noticed the addition of a little cottage at the dog beach. This is the home of The Gimme Paw Cafe, sponsored by Urban Outsitters. The dog friendly Cafe will feature coffee, cold drinks, dog toys and treats, and outdoor seating for patrons overlooking the beach. We look forward to the opening of the Cafe during the week of July 4th. We've added a couple bag dispensers on the fence by the entrance. We need help keeping them stocked with bags. If you have some extra bags when you leave the beach, why not put them in the dispensor on your way out? Just push them through the hole in the top. Or if your closet is overflowing with plastic grocery bags, bring 'em on down. It only takes a couple seconds to put them in the dispensers. MonDog is always looking for volunteers to help us out. If you are interested, or want to find out more about MonDog, our next regular meeting is Thursday, July 7th, at 7:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Margate Field House, 4900 Marine Dr. All are welcome, and there is free parking behind the building.