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Beach Cleanups

During the prime seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall, we conduct frequent cleanup events to help maintain the beach.

2020 Schedule


Summer TBD

Dog Waste Bags

Every year we go through between 60,000 and 80,000 dog waste bags and provide clean up supplies.

Target:$2,000 Raised:$200
Schedule Your Group Cleanup
with Alliance of the Great Lakes

If you’re interested in helping to take care of this great asset with your group, consider running your own cleanup.

Mondog Board

6 meetings per year

plan events and cleanups

deal with issues

Target:12 Current:8
Mondog Ambassadors


Read the rules

Remind pet owners of the more important rules

If you see some trash or abandoned pooh, pick it up

Join Friends of the Parks

You can be a part of the larger organization that supports us. Visit their web site for opportunities.