Our first Howl-O-Ween party was held on October 15th, 2016 at the Urban Pooch Training Center in Chicago.  The event was a success! Here are some photos taken at the event.

Contest Winners
Costume Contest Winners


Early Arrivals
Early Arrivals


A witch and her dog
A witch and her dog




Thanks to the many companies that are supporting us for this event:

Anne Leuck Studio

Earth Rated

Kriser's Natural Pet

Liz Wallace Photography

Mutt Jackson

Paradise 4 Paws

SIT & SIT Social

Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center

Weruva Super Luxe Pet Food

Beverages, light apps, and cake will be served thanks to Begyle Brewing, Dinkel's Bakery, Tiesta Tea and MONDOG



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At the entrance to Montrose Dog Beach are our new neighbors, Mutt Jackson's Dog Wash Station and Urban Pooch's Training Center. These are privately owned facilities that offer various services for dog owners and their dog.

You bring a willingness to help and we'll provide the supplies: gloves, bags, etc. Stay for all of it or just as long as you like.


June 3rd 9 AM - 11 AM

July 8th  9 AM - 11 AM


Just a reminder to all who visit Montrose Dog Beach and other dog parks in the City of Chicago, Dog Friendly Area tags are available at most vets in the city.  This year, the cost is $10 per dog and you need to have your required shots and license up to date to purchase one.

Montrose Dog Friendly Area / Montrose Dog Beach is open year round every day.  The rules are also in effect all year, so be sure to pick up after your dog and most importantly have fun with your pooch.

Those bags aren't free!


The Bag dispensers at the entrances have been a great help in keeping the beach clean, but they aren't free.  Mondog purchases bags and fills the bag dispensers on the Dog Beach.

Donating to Mondog is a great way to support the dog beach, and keep those dispensers full. Help us help you keep Montrose Dog Beach safe and clean by making a donation today.



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