Mondog started out in the summer of 2000 as a group of people with nothing more in common than the love of Montrose Beach and enjoying a good walk with our four-legged friends. We were brought together by our founder, Susan Kimmelman, with the intention of making legal what had been a long standing practice of early morning and evening walks on the beach.After 2 years of patience, persistence and compromise, and the unexpected passing of our beloved Susan, we were granted a corner of the beach for a pilot area, and we've been there ever since.

So why do we need Mondog? After all, isn't it the Park Districts' responsibility to take care of the Dog Parks? Well, yes and no. The Chicago Park District charter for Dog Friendly Areas (DFA) requires that every Dog Park has a community organization to sponsor it. Once the Dog Beach became an official DFA it fell to Mondog to oversee the area, and to represent the dog beach community. The Park provides us with some services, but it is up to us to keep our area clean and safe. Our members help clean the beach daily, inform newcomers of the rules, and exert a positive influence over the dog beach. We try to solve problems within the community, and alert the authorities when necessary. We keep in touch with the Park District, and with other Community organizations who have an interest in our great park system. We work to provide information to the members and make improvements to the beach.

That certainly sounds like a lot of work, and we are a completely volunteer organization. There is a small suggested donation for membership of $50 that helps pay for beach improvements, and our operating expenses, (including this website).  Plus you get a free Mondog t-shirt!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with beach clean-ups, education and special event planning, technology and content, and especially to come to the meetings and participate. If you would like to volunteer,  contact us with the contact link at the top of the page.

You don't have to be a member of Mondog to visit the dog beach, but if you are a regular beach user you should consider becoming a member of Mondog. It's the best way to show your on-going support for the Dog Beach. Our strength is in our numbers, and we need your support to allow us to keep supporting Chicago's first off-leash dog beach.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our event on Saturday, October 14, 2017!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Howl-O-Ween event on October 14th!

Plan to join us for Santa's visit on December 9th from 10 AM - Noon.

More information will be available as the date gets closer!


While the County and Chicago Park District post a long set of rules for the Dog Friendly Areas, we would like to remind everyone who uses the DFA of these essential rules:


1. No food on the beach.

2. No prong collars.

3. No more than 3 dogs per person.

4. Pick up after your dog.

We just wanted to remind everyone who brings their dog to Montrose Dog Beach, that this Dog Friendly Area is not guaranteed to be secure with respect to keeping your dog in the DFA. There are many places where our furry friends can find a way out.  So, it is up to the dog's accompanying person to be sure that the dogs don't leave the area without a leash on. Remember that this is a natural area and is subject to natural events that can breach the various attempts to keep the dogs confined.

MONDOG  teamed up with the Alliance of the Great Lakes for their annual September Great Lakes Wide beach cleanup on September 9, 2017

Collectively we picked up 131 pounds of trash and recycling mostly along the perimeters and the rocky areas. We also cut down and dug out many burr laden bushes that were growing along the perimeter fences.

We were blessed with a group of students from East Leyden High School and the Anderson Family as well many individuals and family groups. 

Mondog also had 5 Board members coordinating and helping in the morning activities that took place from 9 AM - 11 AM.

Following are photos of the bigger groups.


Those bags aren't free!


The Bag dispensers at the entrances have been a great help in keeping the beach clean, but they aren't free.  Mondog purchases bags and fills the bag dispensers on the Dog Beach.

Donating to Mondog is a great way to support the dog beach, and keep those dispensers full. Help us help you keep Montrose Dog Beach safe and clean by making a donation today.



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